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7 Retailers With Exceptional Blogs

1. Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter describes itself because "premier global online retail destination for men's style" - meaning you can purchase men's clothing from current fashions brands.

There is a ton of companies accomplishing this - such as brands themselves - exactly why is Mr. Porter so successful? Simply because of their intense focus on editorial content on men's fashion & lifestyle that perfectly complements its products.

You heard right - blogging is not just for women. Males are similar in results of a sell to blog for.

Why it's Exceptional

Mr. Porter's blog

The Journal will be the ultimate men's style source. Remember J. Peterman's outlandish product descriptions from Seinfeld? Here is the tactic that Mr. Porter has taken - albeit in a easy way - that has given them such success. Each week, they publish their lists in the top fashions - a newly released article entered great detail about "Bold Knits" and the way men like Kurt Cobain and Robert Redford wore them impeccably.

They also write lifestyle articles aimed directly at their marketplace. Think about the young affluent male shopper: He is not only considering fashion but in addition that exotic destination to go to next and maybe about getting married - as most do around a specific age. The Journal adopts mental performance of the shoppers with articles about these topics published by the mark market themselves.

2. Allstate

Although it is not an average "blog", Allstate's Teen Driver Program online is a superb way to obtain information and activity for teen drivers - in addition to their parents - who are likely to obtain license. They feature helpful videos and games for teens to help them learn to drive, while at the same time providing helpful information to overly-anxious parents - it is known as Shrek in the form of an insurance coverage website.

Why it's Exceptional

Allstate can give content that targets customers at exactly the right time - when they will be receiving their license initially and will also be needing insurance. Once they feel the euphoria to getting that license they'll be very inclined to think about Allstate because spot to get insurance from - all things considered, they helped them obtain access to the automobile they are now insuring.

This article - specifically the games - that they're providing is fun! Teenagers wouldn't like to read another textbook concerning how to drive, so providing an interactive game to enable them to study is a fantastic way to have them engaged.

3. Bluefly

Bluefly features a few blogs that discuss the usual fashion news - on the other hand BlueTube channel is really unique & exceptional content.

Maybe you have planned to check out the closets of your favorite Reality TV stars? BlueTube provides you with direct access on their closets - giving you an intimate explore their life.

Why it's Exceptional

It's personal and intimate. For fashion enthusiasts the closet could be the sanctuary - and becoming direct access to trendsetter's closets is a lot like getting invited for the cool kid's house. If you're able to give your customers an inside examine someone whose opinion they value highly, they are going to eat up.

4. Anthropologie

Anthropologie has a beautifully crafted distinct products which ranges from clothing to furniture - setting up a complete lifestyle brand. It's blog - playboy - includes rich articles about artists, locations and products that ooze craftsmanship and sweetness.

Why It's Exceptional

The articles always contain excellent content about little-known things of interest. Reading Anthropologie's blog making you feel like you possess an inside consider a fresh world there is a constant knew about before. The present article in regards to the founders of Nashville-based Imogene + Willie give you an in-depth go through the some time and care that goes into a bunch of their pieces and allows you to love them. It gives you an affection for fine craftsmanship - the kind of craftsmanship sold by Anthropologie.

5. Walmart

Last year Walmart recruited a young fashionista named Shauna Miller to start out Penny Chic - your site for fashion-conscious women within a strict budget. Your website details your appearance stylish without spending a lot of cash - even going as far as comparing pricey items to similar - but much cheaper ones.

Why it's Exceptional

They certainly the ideal thing for brand - the other that's extremely important for some of the customers - which can be showing that their inexpensive garments could be fashionable. Whilst not every piece of clothes are from Walmart (that is smart), each will put shoppers in to the mindset that cheap is a useful one (with out the first is less expensive Walmart!).


DKNY can be a social networking powerhouse retail services inc. As of this past year's Fashion 2.0 Awards they took home the awards for optimum Twitter account and finest Blog - each of which are taken to us from the DKNY PR Girl, "Your well-placed source bringing you behind-the-scenes scoop from the inside of Donna Karan The big apple & DKNY and my entire life as a PR girl residing in NY." It's basically a reality Tv series in text/image form.

Why it's Exceptional

For anybody having a slight interest in fashion, the emblem PR Girl is known as the one that leads the crazy lifestyle of hobnobbing with celebrities and socialites while jet-setting around the world (or something like that). The combined Twitter & Tumblr with the DKNY PR Girl keeps you hooked with constant real-time updates on this lifestyle - to any person interested in the fashion world - this is just like having exclusive accessibility to biggest events popular.

It concentrates on the modern York lifestyle - which DKNY items are a prerequisite for. Once we have already learned above, portraying an appealing lifestyle that requires your products is the better way to get customers to buy.

7. Your home Depot

Lowe's has run in-store home rehabilitation classes for years - and recently has moved to put those online using the invention of picture. Their blog - The Apron - is a complete source for any person trying to hang a photo or create a deck.

Why it's Exceptional

Your home Depot is making itself the total online source for home remodeling information - that is something men and women always need and have a very difficult time learning by themselves - I can barely utilize a hammer.

Start by making their internet site an area where homeowners constantly come for advice - it will ultimately function as a place they purchase their tools and materials to accomplish those renovations.

Still Don't Know how to Start?

Just pick something connected with your brand that you're obsessed with and start blogging!